How to Spot Bad Startup Advice

When you are starting a startup, you will be excited and you will tell everyone about it.  You should.  It is an exciting time. You will also be given a tremendous amount of frivolous and harmful advice.  It is frivolous because it is not actionable advice.  It is harmful because following it will waste your … [Read more…]

Why Foreign Withholding Taxes Really Matter

I had never heard of foreign withholding taxes (FWT) until I founded a startup in the Philippines (See Starting a Philippine Business as a Foreigner for background.).   I quickly became acquainted with them after they nearly cost me my first customer. What are Foreign Withholding Taxes? Foreign withholding tax is a tax levied on … [Read more…]

When to Incorporate Your Startup

Generally speaking, you should incorporate right before your first customer pays you.  That is assuming you cannot operate your business as a sole proprietorship or partnership.  There are plenty of resources explaining the advantages and disadvantages of doing so versus incorporating, so there is not much I can add to that conversation.  Assuming you need … [Read more…]